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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Altair offers a little -- but not enough

Altair's stock is up nearly 15% on news that it shipped the initial shipment of battery electrode nanomaterials to Advance Battery Technologies. Not surprisingly, Altair does not offer any specifics on the shipment size.

I'll admit that this release is more newsworthy than most Altair press releases, but I don't believe it warrants a 15% increase in its stock price. Now, if ABT actually begins using Altair's nanomaterials in its lithium-ion batteries that WILL be noteworthy.

Forgive, however, if I don't trust Altair; but I feel compelled to remind investors that just two or three years ago the company was making similiar rosy-sounding projections about its NanoCheck technology. To date, nothing has come of the technology. Nor has anything yet been forthcoming from its RenaZorb technology.

I remind my readers: Buyer Beware! (Disclosure: I do not own stock in either Altair or ABT).

Jack Uldrich

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