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Thursday, August 25, 2005

A Response to Liquid Lounge

In yesterday's Motley Fool there was an excellent article entitled: Liquid Lounge that offered a thoughtful and well-reasoned critique rebutting my analysis of Harris & Harris.

Although, I disagree with the author's assessment, I encourage anyone considering an investment in Harris & Harris to read it!

What the author doesn't take into consideration in his analysis is the potential value of Molecular Imprints, Nanosys, Nantero, Starfire System, Cambrios Technology and Zia Laser. Of course this "potential" doesn't lend itself to the quantative analysis ... and this is precisely what makes Harris & Harris so hard to price.

At the present time, I don't own any shares of Harris and Harris but if it remains in the neighborhood of $11 a share I am considering buying some after the expiration of the mandated 10-day waiting period I must abide by when I write an article about a specific stock for the Motley Fool.

Jack Uldrich

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