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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Response to Altair Criticisms

In today's Motley Fool, I had an article entitled: Another Press Release from Altair.

In response, I have received a few emails criticizing me for being unduly harsh on Altair, bashing the stock for my own financial stake, or being just plain stupid.

Before, I address these criticisms individually, I encourage you to read the article and judge for yourself.

To begin, the reason I have been so negative on Altair is because I believe in the potential of nanotechnology. As a result, I am confident that a number of nanotechnology-related companies -- as well as investors -- are going to do quite well. As with the Dot.Com era, however, there is going to be a lot of hype surrounding the field. I am of the opinion that this hype is, in general, a bad thing. As such, when I feel companies are unnecessarily or unrealisticly touting nanotech's benefits to an unsuspecting public, I intend to call them on it. That is because I think such dubious companies have the potential to give the whole nanotech industry (such as it is) a black eye.

As to the second criticism, I want to make it crystal clear that I neither own Altair stock, nor do I short the stock.

As for the third and final criticism (i.e. my intelligence), I'll willfully admit that they may have a point ... but it has nothing to do with my position on Altair. In fact, one of my very first postings on this blog was a posting critical of an earlier article in The Motley Fool about Altair. I encourage you to read it here. If nothing else, I have been consistent in my criticism of Altair. And, more to the point, I will remain critical until the company actually produces a real product and signs up some real customers.

If and when they do that, I'll happily write an article to that effect.


Jack Uldrich

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