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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Nano Gets Fast Tracked

I have long been very bullish on Starpharma's long-term prospects and today the company announced yet another round of good news that provided me yet another reason to remain bullish. Company officials announced it's investigational new drug, VivaGel, has been granted "Fast Track" status by the Food and Drug Administration.

In the press release the company explains the significance of this event. Essentially, it is a vote of confidence regarding the potential effectiveness of VivaGel, which is a dendrimer-based vaginal mirocibe gel drug designed to prevent the transmission of HIV. The net effect is that it could ultimately speed up the time it takes for the FDA to render final approval for the drug.

Be advised that the "Fast Track" stamp of approval doesn't guarantee that the treatment will necessarily receive final approval, but apparently the FDA sees enough promise in the treatment to give it this priority status.

This news, combined with the $20 million grant the company received from the National Institute of Health this past fall, is just another feather in the company's cap and why I think risk-tolerant investors should consider investing in Starpharma. (Full disclosure: I own stock in Starpharma.)

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